Hey kids, we are thrilled to announce that GRAND VALLEY CRANE RENTAL has agreed to sponsor the 2018 Grand River Rodeo "Bicycle Scramble" again, that's six years in a row that they've sponsored this contest.
Here’s how it works, during the intermission on Saturday and Sunday of rodeo weekend all kids under 12 will get a chance to win one of two new bicycles. The kids who want to participate are given the chance to chase our “bull fighter” who will be covered in ribbons around the arena. Every child that can catch the bullfighter and tear off one of the ribbons will be entered into the draw for a new bike. The draw is held immediately for both the older and younger groups and the winners leave the arena with their new bikes.
Live Music Entertainment
Friday August 19
Elvis Presley Tribute - 7:00pm
Garth Brooks Tribute - 9:00pm

Saturday August 18
Ty Baynton - 6:00pm & 9:00pm
Alan Jackson Tribute - 7:00pm

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